Live Your Bliss! Live the Best 10 Days of Your Life!

When I dreamed up the 10 Day Challenge, I was in a difficult time of my life where everything was crumbling around me. I knew my passion & purpose, but I didn’t have stability or forward momentum I was looking for. I needed to See & Feel, INSTANT RESULTS and PROGRESS to make the transformation and I did it in 10 Days.
~ Tino Beth ~
Founder of Map & Manifest Your Quantum Lyfe

Why the challenge?

This is the Challenge to help you to MASTER the cycle of your day and more specifically your daily rituals and routines (aka re-learning to live life on your terms) In alignment with your Quantum Lyfe.

  • Haven’t fully activated for 2019 yet?
  • Looking to boost your daily productivity?
  • Want to feel lighter with more joy and fulfillment?


So, I modeled a daily routine which matches the Scientific Method of Input, Processing and Output to compound and accelerate the positive feedback which you receive from taking action and doing the work.

This is a process of connecting with your Quantum Self and distilling your passion and purpose into your new reality by integrating the three aspects of your being into a daily routine which creates clarity, momentum and positive health & Wellness affirming results.

1. Mind | Thoughts
2. Emotion | Feelings
3. Manifestation | Actions

Over the next 10 days, my mission is to assist and facilitate in helping you create big waves of positive causality through your Quantum Feild so as to influence your personal reality which you can look back upon in 10 days time and see the impact your having.

Do you accept the challenge?

Step in the light direction and Live Your Bliss in 2019.

The 10 Day Challenge is a fast-paced online journey designed to update the operating system of your mind, to feel differently about your life and to build so much momentum that it propels you on a completely new journey, resetting your life on a new path.

Over the next 10 Days you will be Challenged to Cut, Clean, and Clarify the dominating thoughts in your mind.

You will be Challenged to Experience the potential of your Past, Present, and Future within the Circle of Lyfe framework.

You will be expected to do the inner “WORK”, to integrate your life with the new age Quantum world of Causing an Effect.


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